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Photography and I
My passion for photography started when, still a kid, my parents brought me an old second hand Kodak camera, I used to photograph anything having great fun!
Things changed a few years later because of the high developing costs, so I mostly stopped taking photos.
With the new digital era things changed again and in summer 2005 I brought a little automatic compact 5Mpx camera and started taking pictures again.
In autumn 2006 I did the big step and brought my first reflex....

Photo elaboration
In post work normally I do very little:
I always shoot in RAW.
I open the Raw files with UFRaw, I apply a basic curve, when necessary I adjust exposure and white balance;
Then with The Gimp I remove the sensor spots and any not wanted flares.
Some times I apply a graduated filter and at the end I adjust levels and save in jpg.
Occasionally I try some experiments for example the one I did to realize "Frozen".
HDR images are done with QTPFSGUI.
To add or edit IPTC data I use Mapivi or sometimes IRfan.
This website
It took me a long time to construct this website...
My lack of knowledge in web languages and my being a very curious person took me to buy a little book (html for dummies) and to start learning and writing the first scratches using bloc notes or kwrite. I then checked the results out with a browser.
Once understood the basis and decided more or less what I wanted to do I used the many online resources (especially html.it).
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P.S. I tested the pages with several different browsers but if you find any mistakes I will be glad if you let me know ;)