Download Winter Snow Sunset for symbian 3 (Anna & Belle)
(download 275, size 3909KB)



Download Winter Snow Sunset for symbian 5th edition
(download 281, size 3860KB)



See also Winter Snow Sunset with "Charmy icons"




Installing themes
For non hacked devices:
Download and launch Siscontent (it's free), click on "open package", select the .sis file then click on "extract files", it will open the folder with the extracted files.
Now remove "sd" card from phone and insert it in your pc (need to enable "hidden files"), copy the folders "private" and "resource" on sd card (overwrite/merge if requested) and put it back in to your phone.
Reinsert sd in phone and browse the phone's themes!!....Enjoy!!
For Hacked devices:
download and install the unsigned .sis files!




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