About themes

A theme is the most quick and easy way to completly change the look and feel of your every day phone  

Get a theme

2mad themes are availlable for download, just click on image to go to download page!!  

More info

For some devices (es the symbian Belle ones) it might be necessary to reboot phone to apply all theme elements.
Also to view the theme background it might be necessary to "apply the default background" directly on phone.

Features of our themes

Our themes are availlable for all phones with symbian 5th edition, symbian 3, symbian ANNA, symbian BELLE and symbian BELLE FP1.
They all have high quality backgrounds so they are perfect in portrait and landscape modes.
They are all created using 9-piece svg elements for buttons, highlights ect. for best quality possible.

Questions or comments?

For any questions, help, info or just want to leave a comment you can leave use this module or write us a e-mail  
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